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Firmware Changelog

  • 1.4.13 - 2014, November [ Official supported release]
    • Second factor for Ledger Wallet
  • 1.4.12 - 2014, October
    • 1.4.11 bugfix
  • 1.4.11 - 2014, October
    • Performance optimization
  • 1.4.10 - 2014, September
    • First commercial release
  • Refer to the technical specification for more details

Can I use my HW-1 USB smart card inside a standard smart card reader?

No ! Don't use the full card inside a standard smart card reader or you'll damage the card. You must use it as as tiny USB device:

Do I need any drivers?

Please refer to the drivers page

Is there any setup tutorial ?

Please refer to the start page

When the seed or the confirmation code is typed, I only see weird characters, or the seed doesn't end with X...

    • If so... you can "translate" manually what was typed by looking at your keyboard...
    • You probably chose the wrong localized keyboard during setup
  • IF THE PROBLEM OCCURED DURING setup when viewing the seed:
    • If viewing it on a Windows computer, you might not see the full seed if the computer enumerates the dongle too slowly. In this case, press the 'scroll lock' key to have the dongle type the seed again
    • Otherwise it means you probably don't have bitcoins attached to this newly created adress so you can immediately recycle this smart card by entering three wrong PIN and redo the setup with the right keyboard checked this time. Of course, do not recycle the smart card if you already gave its address to someone to receive payments...
  • IF THE PROBLEM OCCURED DURING a payment when reading a confirmation code:
    • If you have several USB smart cards, use a new one with the backuped seed and choose the right keyboard this time...
    • If you do not have several cards, a quick workaround is to "lie" about your keyboard in your Windows/Mac/Linux configuration. For example, if your real keyboard has an AZERTY layout and you did not check the right box during setup, change your local keyboard setup to QWERTY, then use this trick to have right confirmation codes and make a transaction to move your bitcoins to another adress and then recycle your emptied smart card by entering three wrong PIN. Of course, do not recycle the smart card if you already gave its adress to someone to receive payments or still have bitcoins on it...

It seems to work on some USB ports but not on other ones

A few USB 3.0 controlers may have difficulties with recent USB smart cards, try on other USB ports or use a standard USB HUB between the non-working USB 3.0 port and your USB smart card. Also please report your detailed system configuration.

Where are the firmware API/Specifications/Documentation?

Can I update my firmware?

Yes, check our Firmware Update page