- Hardware Wallet Drivers -

1- Prepare the cards

Remove the cut out dongle from the main plastic card, fold the clip below under the chip until it fits in place and makes the dongle thicker, then it's ready to be used

DO NOT CLIP THE SMALL PART LABELLED 'CLIP', FOLD IT INSTEAD (yes, we're still busy learning proper english)

The prepared dongle should look like this on the back side

2- Install drivers if needed


Mac OS X:

  • Nothing to do. Plug and play.


  • Simply install a new udev rule, typically into /etc/udev/rules.d to support the devices (vid=0x2581, pid=0x1b7c, 0x2b7c, 0x3b7c, 0x4b7c, 0x1807 and 0x1808), then restart udev. For example, on a Debian based distribution, you can run, after verifying the downloaded script
  • wget
    sudo bash